Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.

What if I don’t know what to eat?

First of all, this is exactly why you’re here!  Here’s what we advise when you’re really unsure about what to bring to the m3s meal:

  1. Just give it your best shot with your first meal; the meal coach can give you feedback and guidance for next time.  We expect meal preparation to be a work in progress.  We’ll help you get better and better at putting balanced and varied meals together for yourself.
  2. Set up a 30-minute one-on-one session with one of our meal coaches to come up with a strategy for meal planning; our coaches can be very concrete and give you practical, easy to prepare ideas for meals that are in your comfort zone.

What if I don’t want to talk during the meal?

We encourage participants to use the meal support service in whatever way feels most helpful to them. If you feel that you’d have an easier time just focusing on eating, without talking, then that’s just fine with us. Sometimes to break the ice and make things easier, we play games like 20 questions, Walmart, Teapot. If you don’t know what those games are, then join us so you can find out!

How many meals can I participate in?

We will soon offer 3 meals a day, 7 days per week. Our current schedule is 10 meals per week. You can choose to participate in as many as you’d like. We suggest that you speak with your individual therapist to decide together what makes most sense for you.

What if I’m just too scared?

We understand that sitting down to eat a meal – with people – can be very difficult depending on where you are in your recovery. There are 2 options to consider: 1) See if you can just give it a try. There’s no obligation to come back again if you feel the experience is not for you.  It’s worth noting that most first timers are apprehensive so our coaches (and fellow participants!) work hard to help “newbies” feel safe and comfortable. You might be pleasantly surprised by the experience.  2) Sometimes we find it’s helpful to meet 1:1 with a coach as a start. You can talk through your concerns and come up with a strategy for moving forward that works for you. This meeting doesn’t involve eating which may take some of the pressure off while opening the door to a new recovery-oriented experience.   Simply choose the 1:1 consultation option from our services menu.

What if I want to speak with a coach 1:1?

We encourage you to chat with a coach if you have any concerns about joining virtual meals… or if you’ve started virtual meals and want to check in privately about the experience. Just choose a 1:1 session from our services menu and we can accommodate promptly.

What about privacy?

All participants are required to sign a waiver before starting meal support. In this waiver, there is a statement about privacy. We call one another by first names only and all agree that we will fully respect the privacy of our peers. This means that if in the unlikely event that you know someone (or know a friend of a friend of a friend…), you and that other individual are bound to maintain confidentiality and simply cannot reveal that you are both participating in this service.

Will insurance reimburse for my3square services?

At this time, insurance does not cover virtual meal coaching.  Insurance generally does not cover coaching services because coaching is not considered health or mental health treatment.