How It Works

It’s easy as one, two, three.

Breaking down the barriers to getting the support you need.

Step 1: Preparation

Each meal participant prepares a balanced meal prior to the video session.

We ask that participants include a carbohydrate component (i.e. two slices of bread for a sandwich), protein (i.e. sliced turkey), fat (i.e. ½ a sliced avocado or a few pieces of sliced cheese or mayo) and fruit or vegetable (i.e. a side of a fruit salad or lettuce and tomato on the sandwich). We encourage a side in addition to the main meal component. So, in the case of a sandwich, perhaps a serving of chips or some carrots and hummus. There is no need to worry. The goal is not to be perfect. It’s not necessary to measure or weigh your food. We will help you over time to improve the adequacy and variety of the meals you bring.

Step 2: Check In and Dining

Participants download a simple videoconference application in advance of the first meal (we show you how!).

At the time of your meal session, a coach will contact you to join the session. Once logged on, the coach will check in with each group member to review necessary meal components and the adequacy of each meal and will then begin the dining experience. During the meal, the group is encouraged to engage in relaxed meal time conversation, avoiding distressing or triggering subjects. The coach can redirect conversations as needed, and will provide positive feedback alongside constructive guidance and support whenever needed both during and after the meal.

Step 3: Skills and Plans

After all members have completed their meals, the coach will check in with the group and clients individually to provide useful strategies

A central – and essential – focus of the supported meal experience is skills acquisition.  This means that we provide concrete strategies and skills for managing the emotions that come up before, during and after eating.  Dozens of coping skills are presented and reinforced to help participants meet their nourishment goals and move on effectively.