Log on. Meal support is here for you.

Expert meal coaching where and when it works for you.

An innovative service designed by experts in the treatment of eating disorders.

We provide eating support… virtually.

Using any device (computer, tablet, phone), you can join group or 1:1 meals via video. An expert coach will provide the encouragement, structure and skills you need to meet your nourishment goals. In small groups or individually, you connect with coaches and fellow diners to work together to achieve a healthy and balanced relationship with food.

Step 1

We give you guidelines for what and how much to plan for your meal.

Step 2

You join us by video-conference at a mealtime of your choice.

Step 3

We provide strategies, skills and guidance to help you eat and move on.

My3square can help if you:

  • Worry a lot about food, eating and/or weight
  • Are unsure about how to eat in a balanced way
  • Eat for emotional reasons or binge eat
  • Purge via vomiting, laxatives or driven exercise
  • Are under-weight
  • Struggle to get proper nutrition on your own
  • Have difficulty eating with other people